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Sources of Early Modern Emotion in English,


Sources of Early Modern Emotion in English, 1500-1700 (SEMEE) is a living, collaborative project designed to aid researchers working on emotion and affect in the English Renaissance.  It contains editable bibliographies of primary sources related to the study of emotion, as well as a bibliography of secondary scholarship on early modern emotion.  

SEMEE is organized around a series of fluid GoogleDoc bibliographies, linked on this page, which can be edited by anyone.  For instructions on how to add content to these bibliographies, click here.

Please note that SEMEE is in its infancy, and will continue to grow.  Your efforts to add content to the bibliographies will be greatly appreciated!

For questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the administrator
If you're finding the site useful in your scholarship or teaching, please reach out and let us know!

Primary Sources

Prmary Sources

Please click on the buttons below to be taken to bibliographies for the relevant subject. 

If you have suggestions for a new category that should be included, please contact us.

Note: SEMEE bibliographies are best viewed on a desktop/laptop computer, or by using the Google Docs app on your mobile device.  Using your mobile browser may prove difficult.

This first bibliography above contains works that generally discuss emotion, passions, affections, etc., as well as items that discuss multiple emotions.  Where relevant, the entries here are repeated in the specific emotion bibliographies below.

The specific emotion bibliographies contain additional works that treat the emotion in question, as well as the broader works that they appear in.


Secondary Sources

Secondary Sources



On SEEME, bibliographies of secondary sources are hosted on a single GoogleDoc.  Bibliographical tables correspond to the categories of primary sources listed above.

Please add your publications to our bibliographies!

Other Resources

Other Resources
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