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Sources of Early Modern Emotion in English, 1500-1700

Sources of Early Modern Emotion in English, 1500-1700 (SEMEE) is a living, collaborative project designed to aid researchers working on emotion and affect in the English Renaissance. It contains editable bibliographies of primary sources related to the study of emotion, as well as a bibliography of secondary scholarship on early modern emotion.

The bibliographies below contain both primary and secondary sources related to the specified emotion. For resources covering multiple emotions, see “General Resources; Multiple Emotions.” Please help expand the bibliographies with new entries!


“ When these affections are stirring in our minds, they alter the humours of our bodies, causing some passion or alteration in them. They are called perturbations, for that they trouble wonderfully the soule, corrupting the judgement, & seducing the will…They bee also named affections, because the soule by them, either affecteth some good, or for the affection of some good, detesteth some ill. “

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