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Sources of Early Modern Emotion in English, 1500-1700

SEMEE bibliographies are hosted on GoogleDocs; they can be edited by everyone. For primary source bibliographies, there are 5 columns, reflecting 1) Publication Date; 2) Author; 3) Title; 4) Bibliographical Info; 5) Notes/Description.​

To add an entry, simply right-click on the table and select “Insert Row above/below,” whereever it is chronologically appropriate.

Secondary source bibliographies are organized alphabetically, not chronologically; here, there are only two columns, one for the citation data and another for notes/abstract (if available).

How to Contribute

  • Please feel free to add incomplete entries! More data can always be filled in later.

  • For primary sources, it is best to list the earliest edition available — but if that version doesn’t have an EEBO transcription available, and a later edition does, it’s helpful to record in the notes.

  • In both primary and secondary sources, we should err on the side of repetition. That is, if a document contains discussion of multiple emotions, it would be good to list it both in the “General Resources” bibliography and in the bibliographies devoted to each specific emotion.

  • Literary works should definitely be included!


​Thank you for your efforts to help make this resource grow! As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Things to Consider:

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