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Sources of Early Modern Emotion in English,


How to Contribute

SEMEE bibliographies are hosted on GoogleDocs; they can be edited by everyone.  For primary source bibliographies, there are 5 columns, reflecting  1) Publication Date; 2) Author; 3) Title; 4) Bibliographical Info; 5) Notes/Description. 

To add an entry, simply right-click on the table and select "Insert Row above/below," whereever it is chronologically appropriate:


Secondary source bibliographies are organized alphabetically, not chronologically; here, there are only two columns, one for the citation data and another for notes/abstract (if available).

Things to Consider:


  • Please feel free to add incomplete entries!   More data can always be filled in later.

  • For primary sources, it is best to list the earliest edition available -- but if that version doesn't have an EEBO transcription available, and a later edition does,  it's helpful to record in the notes.

  • In both primary and secondary sources, we should err on the side of repetition.  That is, if a document contains discussion of multiple emotions, it would be good to list it both in the "General Resources" bibliography and in the bibliographies devoted to each specific emotion.

  • Literary works should definitely be included!

Thank you for your efforts to help make this resource grow!  As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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